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tv   Hannity  FOX News  April 19, 2013 9:00pm-10:00pm PDT

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midnight on the east coast, 9:00 p.m. on the west coast i'm shepherd smith live in boston. tonight across new england a series of relief. and after a string of shooting that's left this city on edge police took the only remaining suspect into custody. >> for those families that lost loved ones, or suffered injuries to live with the rest of their lives, for a police officer a young man starting a career at m.i.t., and a police officer who almost lost his
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life, from neighborhood that's lived in fear for a day we're grateful for the outcome here tonight. we have a suspect in custody. >> that was reaction as first responders drove from the scene in watertown just a couple hours ago. take a look at what we saw over on common wealth avenue. hundreds of college students marched to the state house so in a city that seemed so much anguish and too many tears we're seeing smiles. and a sense of relief because of what this represents. the first photo of the second suspect shot through the window of the ambulance carrying him to the hospital. he has what appears to be
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blood on his face this, man identified as younger of the two brothers suspected of bombing the boston marathon on monday killing three people and wounding more than 180 others. the suspect's older brother on the right side of the screen now died after a shootout with police very early friday morning but his younger brother still on the run, we believe. officials locked down the area around boston. shut down the mass transit and taxies. authorities told a million people to stay home, stay indoors, work, closed, schools closed. teams went door to door searching for a sign of the last suspect and they couldn't find him. then, the news started breaking. shots fired in watertown. police went racing to the scene. >> holy, holy.
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>> that was the violent start of a standoff that ended with a team bringing the suspect into custody. now we know how they found him thank tz a man who had beenked n searched. and then, noticed something strange. >> he walked outside and saw blood on a boat in the backyard. he opened the tarp and looked m and n.and saw a man covered with blood. he called us we set up a per perimeter around that boat and over the next hour exchanged gunfire with the suspect inside of the boat and the hostage team or fbi maidenry and removed the suspect, still alive in the boat. >> with that, the threat was over. and tonight boston and greater
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new england is free. this man is accused of causing a great deal of pain but tonight hising aony is only beginning. we're live in boston. police say the suspect is in serious condition tonight. >> yes. the suspect is in serious condition they're not giving us a lot of information we're getting bits and piece that's he does have multiple injuries we know one injury is a gunshot we don't know if that is a serious one or self inflicted. answers will come in time. we know that they're doing what they can to ensure this suspect lives we're told as of now they believe he will make it through and we know he's surgery. one injury is a gunshot they
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say he should be -- make it barring a change in his condition. >> it's our understanding a shot to the head and hand, i'm guessing security is mighty tight. >> yes. we heard the same thing. we have more information coming there, and it's on lock down. talking about security with information on lock down here which is bits and pieces coming out but anywhere you move around beth israel there is police officers everywhere at every door, every exit and driveway in and out. and inside we can see officers walking around as well, there are officers near the operating room and stationed outside recovery room. so there is a police presence here. the doorway to the right which you cannot see from our angle i count now three, six, nine,
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11 police officers at that one doorway and they're everywhere. they have this area on lock down inside and outside of the hospital. >> adam here tonight we'll go back to him for updates on the condition. imagine what waits like in watertown this evening. before 7:00 and all of a sudden, shots. the police surrounded this man and had been bleeding and injured last night. think of this. he and his brother had been running from cops. they had another bomb a stove top style pressure cooker bomb. threw it out of the window but the top came off. it wasn't able to do the kind of awful damage at the boston
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marathon. so after the older brother died, the younger brother flees on foot. during that time boston went on lock down. tonight the shock. police had him surrounded first in the boat for a long period of time from 20-30 shots fired. and then, neighbors heard explosions and it turned out those were flash bangs. and nobody in the neighborhood had any idea. te -- chuck tebow heard it all. tonight i'm guessing a sense of relief. how are you? >> doing well, thank you. >> what is it like as police moved in tonight? >> pretty harrowing. we're just about ready to go out to get fresh air because the government lifted the ban. and we got sent back into the house. all of a sudden authorities came down the street.
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and in a malter of 15 seconds we can hear gunfire. >> you heard what sounded like explosions. describe that to me. >> explosions seemed to me like gunfire. they could have been small. i'm not sure, there was so much it is hard to say. >> you had been holed up in the house all day? is that right? >> yes. 24 hours but seemed like three days. a long time. >> did they search your home? >> no. but there were state troopers going up and down there. >> and after they took the suspect into custody tell me what the reaction was like in your neighborhood? >> well, happy.
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you can hear authorities clapping their hands. and my brother texted me and let me know it's okay. i couldn't see anything. i couldn't see the boat. and -- really exciting. just, yeah. >> i know and a great sense of relief and excitement and these veets around us were almost empty. i flew in owe local airport. it was about the holiday. the drive just 10 minutes by the time we got here the suspect got taken into custody and streets came alive again seems like friday night in boston.
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you can see reaction. it feels like night they brought osama bin laden, that they killed osama bin laden in the streets of lower manhattan think of the grief these people had to deal with and the situation over fast days since this happened on monday. tonight both suspects in custody investigation just beginning. now they get motive and to try to figure out how they became radicalized. we'll bring you the breaking news this, is fox news channel continuing coverage and now final arrest after bombing of the boston marathon.
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14 minutes past midnight. on the left people carrying around american flags. streets deserted throughout the day and into early evening we reported fox report we were the only ones on the street now, by the hundreds college students are out ask
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celebrating in a relief that the second of the two suspects in the boston marathon bombings now in custody tonight. you can see the american flag is in the streets. and police honking and screaming. it's as if red sox won the world series. there is great excitement tonight. craig is on boylston street. >> good evening to you. yes this, is a friday night. possibly like no other. we've been talking about boylston street. downtown with thousands into suburbs being told to stay inside. be safe, stay inside that. doesn't happen. people coming down boylston
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street. they're carrying banners and american flags and celebrating the fact the threat here has been lifted. the car packed with students driving around. some restaurants may be opening here where they've been closed all day. look. this is a celebration but also mindful just two blocks down the road there is still a crime scene. it's mindful there is a fourth victim filled in a shootout. speaking of the victims richard family issued a statement tonight martin richard was killed in that blast. says our family applauds the law enforcement community for a job well done and trust our justice system will do it's job. that is what a lot of people are talking about, too. people coming by asking us about that
9:17 pm
press conference have been watching this. they are very up on the information that the helicopter was hovering around that boat. because this television in these restaurants and hotels and bars have been on the news. people have been glued to this. and now, those tell vigsz will go back and people here can get back to their lives. >> really, they are. just around the corner, thank you very much. so severe whit was time for red sox to play and bruins to skate it didn't happen. the city was on lock down before 7:00 tonight. they hadn't found the second suspect and just minutes later
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22 minutes past midnight in boston. the second boston marathon bombing suspect is in custody and in the hospital. the investigation continues. richard garcia is a former inspector of the fbi field office in los angeles gchl to talk to you. thank you. >> good to talk to you, too. >> where do you start? >> where do you start with
9:23 pm
this thing? it's a lot of work that has to be done. law enforcement trying to resolve this thing at this point. but it's still a lot of work. they have a lot of evidence. big crime scene. you've got people to talk to. a lot to follow up. you've got to find out the motive, different thing that's might come out of this evidence. >> curious to learn they became -- how they became radicalized. >> we have to figure out how this took place. and having the suspect alive and ability to interview that person is going to be very helpful to the investigation. a lot of records and documents and searches to be checked as well. that is going help lead to what took place. and motives.
9:24 pm
>> we've got word two years ago the older of the suspects was interviewed by the fbi a long series of interviews after a foreign country's government requested our fbi check out to see whether he was trouble. and they talked to him, interviewed friends it's my understanding and in the end decided they couldn't find anything in his background to suggest he might be radicalized. then that foreign government never got back to the united states for a follow up. i wonder if it's your sense they might have missed something there? >> this is very difficult to determine what happened two years ago and so to know what took place, review records that took place, the countries in this world have been cooperating quite readily in passing intelligence this is
9:25 pm
not uncommon to have another government or united states interview someone. but the information you never know. sometimes it's a bit of information smrks times it's hard to saichl i'm sure they'll determine what they have now in evidence. richard garcia live with us this morning. thank you. for latest on the investigation, while we're there just after -- as the news conference going on from local delegations the mayor, governor and chief of police and the rest we've got word the president would speak following that he came forward to thank the people of new england for their resolve and remind us there is work ahead.
9:26 pm
>> we'll determine what happened and investigate any association that these terrorists may have had and continue to do whatever we have to do to keep our people safe. one thing we do know is that whatever hateful agenda drove these men to heinous acts will not and cannot prevail. whatever they thought they could achieve they've failed. because people in boston refuse to be intimidated and because as americans we refuse to be terrorized because we will not waiver from the character and compassion that define us as a country. that american spirit includes staying true to unify and diversity that makes us strong like no other nation in the world.
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it's 12:30 on the east coast, 9:30 on the west coast. the second boston marathon suspect in custody after a man found him hiding in a boat in his backyard and called the cops. now people in boston celebrating an end to fear and terror that gripped this region. starting when the feds turned up the heat. >> the fbi released photos and videos of the suspect and asked for help finding them. >> the nation is counting on those with information to come forward to provide it to us. >> tips started flootding in. about five hours later shots fired at m.i.t.. a 26-year-old officer, killed. >> picking up what radio traffic said an officer shot
9:32 pm
after his gun was stolen from him. >> at this point it wasn't clear whether this is connected to the speekt reports from a suspect fleeing from a robbery might not be connected. >> minutes later two armed men report lid car jacked a mercedes suv. the driver held, then released. police picked up the chase following the suv to watertown. inside, explosives and then, a shootout. >> we heard two explosions then all of a sudden you can see cruisers pass by. >> the older brother pronounced dead. the other on the run and warning to police. >> please use caution. he could have an explosive on him. >> this morning a news
9:33 pm
briefing. a new image of the suspect and a lock down. please stay home. do not come out. >> neighbors on alert. an hour later mass transit shut down. >> he was a cool kid and played sports. he didn't seem inverted. he was a soshable kid and friendly. >> i don't understand what the hell happened. not sure what set him off like this. >> reporters found the suspect's uncle. his message? surrender. >> turn yourself in. and ask for forgiveness for the victims. >> he neither surrendered nor asked for forgiveness as far as we know he has not asked yet. inside he tried to hide and it
9:34 pm
did him no go. he could not escape the team of investigate qlorz did not rest until they found him just hours ago. the president says there is lots of questions about the attack and he's vowing to get answers our chief house -- white house correspondent noted this has been a long week he said in his thoughts and prayers for the people ceiling with that awful explosion, efforts going on there. the bottom line is that he's signed an emergency declaration for texas to deal with that. he was briefed by homeland security advisor tonight after the second suspect was brought into custody alive. he also received a phone call from robert mueller, the fbi director to get latest
9:35 pm
information. the president came into the briefing room. he was laying out how he believed this was an important moment. >> boston police responded with professionalism and bravery over five long days and tonight because of their determined efforts we've closed a chapter this this tragedy. >> a sense of relief for the president and fbi director would have been facing a lot of heat if they had not gotten the second suspect but the president noting this is not some sort of a victory because he noticed he still had police officer killed overnight then three other individuals he noted killed on monday so there is a lot of sell braigs tonight the president knows people are still mourning. >> of course they are. a lot of investigating to be
9:36 pm
done. the suspect in the hospital, politicians weighing in on what should happen going forward. >> that is right. whether or not he should be read his rights we've been told that there is this public safety clause allowing the government to not read him his miranda rights immediately so he doesn't have the right to remain silent to make sure there is no other plot out there. and senators put out a statement saying we remain under threat from radical islam and hope the obama administration will consider the enemy combatant option. that means is that this suspect if recovers could be spent down to the military court system. the president signaled the open it? a statement saying what he believes distinguishes america is that we have our
9:37 pm
own civilian court system. so he's getting pressure tonight he is signaling he'll probably put him, if he survives. >> ed henry live this saturday morning. last time we heard from authorities the news was not good. authorities came to the microphone, told people they'd not been able to find a second suspect they were lifting shelter in place order but there are questions about this this investigation was going and then, just minutes later they located a second suspect in watertown. the area they'd been combing all day long. mike tobin with news he's live this morning. mike, end of this thing was tense. >> and the end of it happened here this, building you can see lit up behind me just past
9:38 pm
state troopers this is where it finalized. just on the other side of the house, the driveway at the end of the driveway is a boat they'll talk about now. it happened quickly after that order after that lock down was lifted people here were so eager to get out and they didn't have anywhere to go but started walking around. soon you saw vehicles racing off in this direction. helicopter overhead and this tense standoff. by and large people in these neighborhoods who bore this tragedy say that they're glad this resolved with the suspect being alive because now, you can talk to them and learn what other threats are out there. what other threats are connected to him. >> for many years, probably many tens of thus great relief. and for some, great
9:39 pm
celebrations. >> and it was real, very patriotic. it started as people were gathered around radios to listen to news and they started to learn this is going to resolve without further loss of live. there is a cheer and then, they just formed gauntlets on the side of the road as the police vehicles were pulling out. they let out great cheers and cheered patriotic messages and sang songs and waved flags. people in massachusetts know they took a hit but this was something that was directed at america. >> mike tobin is live tonight. with us now is the guy that went to high school with the bombing suspect. he's on the phone with us. he was friends with the older unone who died in the initial shootout. good evening.
9:40 pm
>> good evening. >> thank you for having use tell me about these guys. >> well, they were opposite. the older one tamerlan was approachable but had a serious demeanor opposed to his younger brother more outgoing and he had a lot of friends. but it was nothing alarming they weren't socially awkward at all. more so tamerlan having a more serious demeanor, still wasn't anything alarming about him. just the way he carried himself. he did have friends. you can talk to him. and if you went up to him he would smile and speak to you and ask how you're doing. and two brothers being different they -- they still at the end of the day were positive people in that, you know, not now, but at one point they cared about people.
9:41 pm
they cared about this country. they cared about life. they respected it. >> those no signs of this violence or hate we've seen so much about since learning whot two are? nudge something. >> number none. none whosoever. i would see tamerlan after high school at the gym where he trained for boxing and at the supermarket. he was fine, cool, smile. woe ask how you're doing. but then i just i think the last time i saw him two, three years ago i stopped seeing him around i would wonder where he is. people didn't seem to know. then, hey maybe he went back to his country. and so then this, happened. so i'm just dying to know like a lot of other people as to what happened between now and past year or two that flipped
9:42 pm
this switch to evil. >> did you know about the trip the owner -- older of the two went to russia? >> there were rumblings they left the country but more for family reasons or something. nothing really you felt the need to look into more because of what you knew of them. they were just regular people. the term normal keeps being tossed around. that is for a reason. they were normal. they weren't out of the ordinary. >> you wonder how in the world do you go from that to the kind of person that can put a pressure cooker bomb on the side of the boston marathon? this country has been very good to them and their family. i mean they were escaping political owe pregs in church kneea. came here, welcomed you know? >> exactly. exactly. and that is very mysterious.
9:43 pm
and i was just praying and i kept fingers crossed that they would get jahar out alive because we need answers. everyone deserves to hear why. we need to know what happened. and a forecast for the future, maybe he knows something. we need to know. >> we do need to know. thankfully the younger of the two is alive and hopefully will be talking with authorities. i know it's been a tough week and night. thank you. >> i appreciate it. take care. >> back to those injured and maimed it appears one of the seriously wounded may have helped the fbi identify the suspects. by now we've seen the picture of jeff ballen in a wheelchair, badly bleeding. this was the first video i saw on monday while anchoring studio b as this is happening to lead up to know something
9:44 pm
very serious happened in boston. it turned out he lost both legs but the feds were report lid able to interview him in his hospital bed. and according to his brother he woke up under so much drugs asked for a pen and paper skb wrote bag. saw the guy. looked right at me. and from then, it's our firsting they went back to the tape found one of the two putting that bag down. they were able to get to both of them and of course the first suspect died. the second captured here tonight. the fbi investigating older brother and did so two years ago as mentioned we'll take a look at the two terror suspects plus remembering the victims of the bombing. those who lost their lives on monday. everybody has different investment objectives, ideas, goals, appetite for risk. you can't say 'one size fits all'. it doesn't. that's crazy. we're all totally different.
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12 minutes before 1:00 a.m. in boston where a predicted rain storm has just begun. tomorrow is going to be very cold for this time of the year. highs into low 50s, lows in low 30s. so they're very thankful that this investigation now moves onto the next phase with the
9:49 pm
first suspect dead and second in custody and in the hospital. he's in serious condition, injuries not believed to be life threatening and the hope is that he'll be a wealth of information fofr investigators just hours ago a man called cops after finding that suspect hiding in a boat in the town of watertown. an uncle talked about the family condemning actions of his two nephew autos what say shame. yes. what a shame that children of my brother. who had as much as i know. it's a personal -- i just wanted my family away from them. i say what i think was behind
9:50 pm
it, being losers, not being able to settle themselves. and there by just hating everyone who did. >> there is a split in that family. the uncle says he last saw his nef use in 2005. fox news learned the fbi investigated the older of the two brothers two years ago at the request of an unnamed foreign government. introducing you live to that this morning peter what was the concern about suspect one who died in a shootout? >> possible extremist ties. that is according to an fbi official told us two years ago in early 2011, a foreign government reached out to the fbi and said they're concerned about tamerlan tsarnaev to the fbi looked at his phone records, travel history and his education background but
9:51 pm
didn't find anything then to back up the assertion this boston area boxer had extremist ties so they told the government to circle back if the man we know as suspect one in the black hat ever raised any other red flags but that foreign government according to the fbi official never followed up in any way, shape, or form so the fbi closed the case. last night he was killed a little bit more than three days after allegedly carrying out a bombing on u.s. soil. >> and in between two, last year it's our understanding the older of the two made a six month trip to russia. what do we know about that. >> we know 2012 tamerlan left boston see his father in chechnya and returned to the states in july, 2012 then just
9:52 pm
weeks after the return on august 17th his you tube site went live that is when he started posting radical jihadi videos including videos featuring mohammed beaz a radical imam. so this older brother goes to russia apparently to see his father comes back to boston onand almost immediately develops an online presence as a radical islamic on you tube and facebook traveling back and forth using a passport and we're told there is no evidence at this point of brothers bombed the boston marathon on behalf of the chechen cause but we're being told nothing is being ruled out at this point. shep? >> as the investigation continues, peter thank you very much. as we reported an m.i.t.police officer died in that shootout friday morning. a roommate of the police officer gunned down in his car
9:53 pm
said his only fault was that he was too brave. that is what the boston globe newspaper reported on friday. remember, police say they found the body of sean collier last night and the twin bombing suspects were likely his killers. officer collier was just 26 years old previously worked in summerville massachusetts. the police lieutenant cold the globe the girls here in dispatch haven't stopped crying. the transit police officer wounded in the shootout in watertown is out of surgery. a spokesman for the transit agency says richard donahue is in critical but stable condition. he adds the officer has a six month old child at home and graduated in the same class as the m.i.t.officer killed last night in the standoff. a live report from the hospital where doctors have
9:54 pm
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>> the second suspect in the boston marathon bombing, of course, in beth israel hospital, being treated this overnight. adam housley is there live with an update. adam? >> reporter: yeah. he is in surgery right now. his brother was brought here with multiple wounds and did not
9:59 pm
survive. we are told he was brought here, of course, and will survive, even though he is in very serious condition. there are guards outside and inside his hospital. to my right is one of the entrances, i count nine police officers on the outside and you can see others inside. near the operating room, there are officers and there will be officers, of course, posted when he goes into recovery, wherever that may be in the hospital at beth israel. at least two gunshot wounds, one to the han, one to the head. they have other wounds, they say, but they are more superficial. but they believe he is going to make it tonight. we were told they gave him a cat scan as well. but he is in very critical condition, but expected to make it here at beth israel. >> all right. we don't yet know whether he has been questioned at all. we do know they decided there would be no miranda rights so the questioning could begin right away. a matter o